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When wanting to book a Sydney taxi it is important to consider all of your options. There is a huge variety of Sydney taxi companies you can chose from, the difficult part is trying to find out which of the Sydney taxi companies you would like to use. 

The simple fact is, there is no simple answer as to which Sydney taxi company everyone should use. Depending on your location, the availability of the closest taxi, the area you are in, the time of day, the type of taxi you require are all factors which will have an influence on the right decision.

However, we are here to make your life that little bit easier, providing you with the first step of choosing the right Sydney taxi company, by providing you with a list of the major companies and there contact details.

Most of these Sydney taxi operators accept both phone and online bookings so depending on what makes things easier for you will determine the option you chose to take.

The major Sydney taxi operators are:
  • Taxis Combined - 133 300
  • Silver Service Cabs - 133 100
  • Premier Cabs - 13 10 17
  • St George Cabs - 13 21 66
  • ABC Taxis - 132 522
  • Legion Cabs - 13 14 51

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